3 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Retirement Community

Looking forward to retirement is a life goal of many people. What’s not to love? 

Often synonymous with traveling, spending time with friends and family, and living a schedule-free lifestyle, retirement can be all these things and more–but there are some important benefits afforded by living in a retirement community that help make this life stage more of a reality.

Low-maintenance lifestyle – The number one reason most people choose to live in a retirement community (independent living or assisted living) is the peace-of-mind that comes with living a low-maintenance or maintenance-free lifestyle. Many retirees find the upkeep of a home to be too much of a burden in their later years.

Retirement communities offer freedom from responsibilities like mowing the lawn, shopping for groceries, fixing meals, and driving yourself to-and-from appointments. Additionally, many retirees find that the cost of living in a retirement community is comparable to or even lower than their current cost of living!

Staying active with friends – Studies show that older adults are living longer, and that’s due in large part to a more active lifestyle that retirement communities offer. Staying active in your retirement years can help improve cognition, prevent falls and injuries, and generally improve quality of life. 

In a retirement community, staying active with friends offers not just a way to work on fitness goals–it is a great way to simultaneously meet new friends and maintain an active social life! Coffee bars, happy hours, brunch, fitness clubs, book clubs, volunteer groups, and resident ambassador programs are a large part of community living and a great way to maintain your independence longer.

Continuum of Care for the future – Retirement is meant to be an enjoyable season of life, but the reality is that people’s needs change as they age. While you or your loved one may not require assistance with daily tasks now, they could in the future. 

Many retirement communities offer a continuum of care from independent living, to assisted living and memory care, and even skilled nursing. Offering an easy transition between these levels offers loved ones peace of mind that, as their family members age, they are not alone. Additionally, while we hope slips, trips, and falls never occur, they do sometimes happen. Living in a retirement community ensures there is always someone there to help!  

Proactively beginning your search for a retirement community and involving your family in the decision will go a long way toward improving your quality of life as you live out the retirement of your dreams.  

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