Gift Ideas for Older Loved Ones

At this time of year, many people are ushering in the Christmas spirit and buying gifts to give others. Some are easy to buy for–and some, including older adults, are more difficult. For those loved ones who are in assisted living or memory care, there simply isn’t room for random items just sitting around.

For these seniors, gifts that evoke memories and bring everyday joy are the most meaningful. Here are 3 types of gift ideas for older loved ones:

Personalized gift box with snacks, treats, and games. Put together a box of their favorite snacks, treats and card games and hand-deliver it to them, or order online and have it delivered as a surprise. Add in a teddy bear or fresh flowers along with a hand-written card. Who doesn’t love a good surprise?!

Digital photo frame pre-loaded with photo memories. These are relatively inexpensive and are an easy way to bring joy to your loved one, especially if you don’t get to see them very often. Many digital frames have the ability for you to upload new photos wirelessly via an app on your smartphone, making it easy to switch out the photos for a fresh set whenever you want.

Something useful that makes their life a little easier. An electric toothbrush, wall calendars with special memories on it, a Keurig to keep in their room, and other simple yet useful items bring a smile to the face and the heart while simplifying their life. Think about your loved one’s hobbies, interests, and needs when considering what to buy.
So often it’s not about the actual gift itself, but it’s about the thought of giving a gift and the memories that are associated with it. Useful items like technology to help seniors stay in touch better or small, handmade items that have sentimental value mean the most. Show your love and appreciation this season with a thoughtful gift that is sure to bring you and your loved one joy.

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