Maintaining your Independence After Retirement: Benefits of Independent Living for Active Seniors

One of the most common hesitations older adults have about moving to senior living is that they feel like they are giving up their independence by downsizing and moving–but that isn’t necessarily true. Today’s “senior living” doesn’t have to mean going to a nursing home. Many are proactively selling their home to avoid putting the burden of selling on a surviving spouse or their children. In so many cases, independent living communities can be a place for seniors to thrive and enjoy retirement in a whole new way! These key benefits of independent living can help you get the most out of your retirement years and remain an active part of the community.

Resort-like environment. Just the mere mention of the word “resort” conjures up images of exquisite food, engaging activities, and luxurious amenities. Most independent living communities are designed to feel like resorts, and with maintenance-free cottages or apartments, you’ll be enjoying what they have to offer instead of worrying about maintaining a home. In fact, you may feel like you’re on vacation every day!

More time to spend with those you love. Whether you move to independent living yourself or with a spouse, spending time with loved ones becomes more of a priority. When you move to independent living, you can spend less time worrying about tedious tasks of everyday living such as home repairs, errands that you need to run, and cleaning, and focus more on what matters most: the important people in your life.   

Like-minded neighbors. Independent living communities open up so many opportunities for adventure, and while you’re out and about in your community, you’re likely to make new friends with people that enjoy similar interests. Different interest groups like book clubs, yoga groups, and low-impact sports teams are fun ways to stay active and enjoy social interaction with peers. Likewise, building a network of friends can help boost morale during challenging times.

Ability to age-in-place. The thought of making multiple moves as you get older and your needs change is overwhelming to think about, but many independent living communities offer age-in-place options that make it easy to transition to a higher level of care when the need arises. Many move to independent living to enjoy the lifestyle they want with the peace of mind that as they age, there are options to receive the care they need.

Active living isn’t just for the young…retirees can find value in moving to independent living to rediscover their youth through resort-style amenities, maintenance-free living, and enriching activities. Ready to talk about independent living? Call The Lodge at Stephens Lake today to explore how you can shape your future.  

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