More Like ‘Home:’ Today’s Assisted Living Options Are Much Different than Traditional Nursing Homes

Up until the 1990s, retirees had very few options for living outside the home in their golden years. If you were no longer able to live on your own, your choices were limited to living with relatives or moving into a skilled nursing facility. 

Not anymore. 

As a majority of the Baby Boomer generation begins to reach retirement age, more living communities have emerged as the obverse of the nursing home to serve the needs of more and more seniors. Options like independent living, assisted living, and communities dedicated to serving those with memory disorders operate as more of a “home-like” environment where residents can get assistance with activities of daily life while still being able to enjoy their independence. Today’s assisted living concept is an offshoot of the skilled nursing home, but the two couldn’t be more different.

What are the main differences between traditional nursing homes and assisted living?

While both nursing homes and assisted living communities are long-term care facilities, there are a few key differences between the two concepts. 

Nursing homes are skilled care facilities that focus heavily on medical care for patients with chronic illnesses and need around-the-clock care. Assisted living communities operate as residential communities that provide assistance to residents as needed, with access to medical professionals on a limited basis. Assisted living homes have apartments or suites for residents with private bathrooms. Nursing homes many times have more than one patient in a room. With more of a focus on wellness and resident wellbeing, assisted living communities offer daily activities programming and a robust dining experience, as well.

Low-Maintenance Lifestyle: What amenities are available in today’s assisted living communities?

Residents at assisted living communities are often still somewhat independent, and many of these communities have built a service offering around “resort-style” amenities that you might find during a vacation stay:

  • Daily activities & activities director
  • Housekeeping & linen service
  • Beauty salon & barber shop
  • Library
  • Theater room
  • Game room/billiards room
  • Landscaped outdoor courtyards
  • Private dining room
  • Bistro for light meals or “to go” food items
  • On-site therapy services & concierge physicians
  • Fitness Center

Today’s assisted living communities offer a lifestyle where seniors can still remain active and independent while receiving assistance with activities of daily life without the feeling of being “supervised.” It is important to determine what level of care your loved one needs as you begin to look into senior living. Our experts at The Lodge at Stephen’s Lake can help you find the right level of care. Call 706-307-4330 today or visit to schedule a tour.

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