Senior Living in Jasper, GA: What Are My Options?

The Lodge at Stephens Lake has it all.

If you’re searching for senior living communities in the Jasper, GA area, you may be considering many options. Perhaps you’re looking for something that offers more independence right now, but will allow you to access higher levels of care in the future. It’s smart to plan ahead. You never know what your needs might be a few years from now.

Thinking about moving into a new home can be even more stressful if you consider an additional move a few years later. That’s why it’s helpful to find a community with which you can grow. The Lodge at Stephens Lake is just that place.

Age in Place Gracefully

Seniors have different needs and have walked different paths in life. That’s why we offer a variety of options with rental independent living cottages, assisted living, and memory care apartments—all on one campus. You can easily transition from independent living to assisted living. And if you are ever diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia, we are here to help. We’re the only community in Jasper, GA that offers all of these services.

Do I need assisted living?

Assisted living doesn’t mean losing your independence. It just means extra assistance where you need it most. If physical limitations make dressing, bathing, or managing medications more cumbersome, we can help. Our staff is highly trained, caring, and available to assist with these tasks as well as:

  • Scheduled transportation for doctor’s appointments, running errands, grocery shopping, etc.
  • Housekeeping and laundry services on a continual basis
  • Three chef-prepared meals a day that follow beneficial dietary guidelines

In short, we just make life easier. Think about how nice it would be to head to the bistro for lunch, then take your dog for a walk around beautifully landscaped grounds. You could join a fitness or art class or get a fresh haircut in the salon and head out for an excursion. You can do all of this without worrying about your medical needs, housekeeping, or meals. Learn more about our services, amenities, and luxurious lifestyle.

We also have more floor plan options than most communities, allowing you to find just the right amount of space that works for you. You can stay cozy in a stylish studio or opt for a spacious two-bedroom apartment. What’s even better? No matter which option you choose, utilities are included. That’s one more hassle you don’t have to worry about.

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Benefits of Assisted Living for Seniors

If you’re considering assisted living, you may be wondering if it’s a better choice than staying in the home. Research has long touted the benefits of regular exercise, a healthy diet, staying active mentally with activities and games, and socializing for seniors. Assisted living includes all of these components.

Studies conducted by the National Institute on Aging (NIA) conclude that “socializing with others in a book club or a golf club or whatever your interest is, plays a role in living a healthier, longer life with fewer ailments.” It can be very hard to create adequate socialization opportunities at home.

The odds are that you’ll also need supportive care in the home. According to studies conducted by Genworth Financial, home care options can end up being just as or more expensive than assisted living. It’s important to do your research to decide what’s best for you for now while thinking about your potential future needs. At The Lodge at Stephens Lake, you can thrive, knowing that all your needs are met.


How do I sign up for a tour?

It’s easy! Give us a call at (706) 307-4330 or fill out our contact form online. Our team is available to help answer any questions you may have. Come be one of the first residents in our new community, opening in 2022!

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