Is Independent Living A Good Way To Spend Retirement?

What’s cooking at retirement communities in northern Georgia?

What’s the best way to have a happy retirement? Plan for it.

Any chef worth their salt will tell you the key to a good meal is planning for the steps it takes to get there. This mise en place technique can create masterful menus, but it can also help teach you the art of considering every step to aging in place with grace.

When you finally get that meal you’ve craved, you have to think about the thought that went into shopping, preparation, cooking, and plating before you get that satisfaction.

A happy and healthy retirement is no different. The first step is shopping for your options.

How do you want to enjoy your golden years? Traveling, staying active, and surrounded by loved ones? The options are endless, but you want something that gives you purpose and enjoyment at the end of the day.

Independent living communities like The Lodge at Stephens Lake in northern Georgia are a great way to start your retirement preparations. However, it allows you to skip a couple of steps in the cooking process while en route to enjoying a full-course life of luxury.

Why independent living in Jasper, GA?

Independent living at The Lodge at Stephens Lake is the best way to begin your retirement journey. Should you need it in the future, our campus includes assisted living and memory care services.

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Seventyfour –

Welcome to independent living, where all of your ingredients to a great retirement are only an arm’s reach away:

✔ Friendships
✔ Physical activities
✔ Intellectual stimulation
✔ Spiritual connections
✔ Chef-prepared meals
✔ Care services, should you need them

Let us know how we can help you.

Is independent living a retirement community?

You could think of it that way. The Lodge at Stephens Lake provides a higher quality of life, thus extending your level of independence and length of enjoying retirement.

In our community, your new home is a cottage on a resort-style campus. Spend your days letting your four-legged friends roam the dog park. Join your human friends for games in the activity center. Take scenic drives through Cherokee County and eat Southern cooked dinners in the dining room overlooking the sun setting on the lake.

If days like this sound like a relaxing way to spend retirement, that’s independent living for you.

Enjoy the Meal. We’ll Handle the Prep Work.

After you move into The Lodge at Stephens Lake, you’ll notice you have a lot more time on your hands.

Forget about all of the chores you had to do at home. Say goodbye to yard work, cleaning gutters, vacuuming, washing windows, and fixing dishwashers. Our care partners will ensure your living quarters are in tip-top shape–you’ve got retirement to get after.

So what are you going to do with all that extra time?

One bonus of your new home is its connection to our sister community, Grandview at Gateway. Enjoy the amenities of this 55+ oasis that offers homes for purchase rather than rent and includes:

  • Clubhouse and pool
  • Fitness center and yoga studio
  • Sports courts and hiking trails
  • Cabanas, community garden, and more

There are many ways to kill time there. But without sharing your fun with others, what’s the point?

In a world where everyone is so connected virtually, we sometimes forget about the joy of interacting with friends in person. One of the reasons we love independent living at The Lodge at Stephens Lake is to get back the feeling of building relationships face to face.

Our care partners have a passion for making people’s lives better. That’s why we mix social clubs, activities, wellness programs, worship services, and excuses to have fun into our daily schedule. We aim to get people together so your neighbors become friends and family.


Find Retirement Communities in Northern Georgia

Be among the first to enjoy your retirement years at The Lodge at Stephens Lake. Our upscale community opens summer of 2022. Begin your preparations today, join the waitlist now, and let your dreams start marinating.

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