Benefits of Living In A Community vs Staying In Your Home

The idea of moving from your home–a place where comfort reigns supreme–to a senior living community can feel daunting, especially if you’ve lived in your home for a number of years. It can even feel like you are losing your independence, but in reality, nothing could be farther from the truth. 

Comparatively speaking, moving to independent or assisted living versus staying in your own home as you age provides benefits that help seniors reduce burdensome responsibilities and increase the joy in living. 

In fact, many seniors quickly start referring to the community as their home and will tell you they should have made the decision to move far sooner than they did! A senior living community may be the perfect place for retirees looking for the independence of living at home combined with the amenities and conveniences offered in a community setting.

A sense of community with peers. For older adults, it’s easy to become isolated, especially after the death of a spouse. A senior living community provides an atmosphere that allows you to be as social as you want to be all while maintaining your independence. Having a support network of peers to eat meals with, participate in activities with, and celebrate the joy in life’s moments with helps fight feelings of depression and loneliness and encourages residents to remain active and engaged in the community.

Faster access to health care when you need it. It’s easy to overlook your overall health and wellbeing when you feel good, but as you age your risk for medical attention increases. If you live in a senior community, you will have medical staff available to check in with you periodically as well as available at a moment’s notice should an emergency arise. Additionally, many communities offer in-house therapy services that help keep seniors active and healthy.

Maintenance-free lifestyle. Often, living in your home as you age becomes a burden with maintenance costs skyrocketing, let alone the labor involved in completing the work. Living in a community means you can rest easy knowing that there’s no yard to mow, house to clean, or meals to prepare. Most amenities offered at a senior living community are included in your monthly rent. Many residents find that the cost of living in a community is actually comparable or even lower than living on your own!

The right senior living community provides a safe environment for older adults to age in place and not just survive, but thrive during the golden years. Spending your days in a senior living community instead of living at home can bring you new opportunities for growth, learning, and fun well into the future!

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