The Lodge at Stephens Lake Provides the Right Level of Structure for Seniors

Whether you’re approaching retirement and weighing your lifestyle living options, or your loved one needs a level of care that can’t be provided at home, The Lodge at Stephens Lake senior living community can provide the right level of structure for senior adults. Opening this fall in Jasper, Georgia, The Lodge at Stephens Lake offers independent living cottages and assisted living & memory care suites on a beautiful campus at the foothills of the North Georgia mountains. 

As seniors age and move into the next phase of their lives, lifestyle is an important part of the decision-making process. 

Where will you make your next home? What type of care do you anticipate needing as you age? Senior living communities like The Lodge at Stephens Lake offer the kind of structure older adults need, as well as access to healthcare and social services in a safe environment surrounded by friends and other seniors in their same stage of life. Additionally, the following elements of a senior living community help increase residents’ quality of life:

Support system of caregivers and peers. Oftentimes the death of a spouse, a fall or injury, or life crisis necessitates a move to senior living, leaving your loved one reeling and trying to make sense of their new situation. 

At an assisted living community, you can rest easier knowing that there are dozens of other people in that same life stage who will comfort you, stand by your side, and be a support system as you transition into this new environment versus living by yourself. At The Lodge at Stephens Lake, caregivers and medical personnel are on staff to assist with medication management and nursing oversight. 

Assisted Living and Memory Care activities programming. Staying cognitively engaged and active is important as we age, which is why The Lodge at Stephens Lake offers activities programming for all residents–including separate activities directors for both independent living/assisted living and memory care. 

From daily activities like games, entertainment and special events to intergenerational programming and educational workshops, residents have a variety of activities available to suit different interests and abilities. 

Continuum of Care to age in place. At The Lodge at Stephens Lake, our structure is such that we want you to come age-in-place here. Whether you or your loved one comes into our community through independent living or through assisted living or memory care, our associates are specially trained to help you get the right care you need at the right time. As those needs change, we have the structure in place on our campus to support you so you can continue to live your best. Additionally, in-house therapy on-site at The Lodge at Stephens Lake promotes an independent lifestyle so that residents can continue to have the best quality of life.

Having a structure in place to help seniors get the level of care they need is the key to helping them age well. To learn more about The Lodge at Stephens Lake, visit our website at or call 706-307-4330.

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