Decorate Your Space: 5 Tips to Make a Senior Living Apartment Feel Like Home

Adult woman at furniture store Decorate Your Space: 5 Tips to Make a Senior Living Apartment Feel Like Home

Modern luxury senior living apartments are well-appointed, beautiful, safe and accessible, but making them feel like home takes a little planning. From space to lighting to color, there are plenty of options for decorating a senior living apartment, so before making the move consider these expert tips to make it feel like home.

5 tips to decorate a senior living apartment

1. Measure twice, cut once

When downsizing to a senior living apartment it is essential to know which possessions will come along and which won’t so be sure to use the floorplan measurements to ensure everything fits. One easy way to accomplish this before the move is to use a layout planning program like those described in article, “The Best Free Room Layout Planners Online.” Not only does layout planning help get an idea of how to decorate a senior living apartment, but it also lets you know in advance what furniture will fit and what won’t so you don’t give away items and then have regret it later on.

2. Make it personal

A home should reflect the personality of the people who live there so be sure to bring items like art, photos, awards, heirlooms and other things that have special meaning and express the real you. Another angle to consider is that the opportunity to decorate a senior living apartment is also an opportunity to try new furniture arrangements, new colors, and new ways to display all the memorabilia collected over a lifetime. Maybe this means new shelves or a few new pieces of furniture or adding mirrors that maximize smaller rooms and reflect light. The only limit when decorating a senior living apartment is imagination so check out the brilliant ideas for apartments in the article, “Small Spaces Design Guide.”

3. Add a little greenery

Modern luxury senior living apartments are bright and airy and one way to make the most of this space is to add plants to the mix. Plants bring a splash of color and texture to every room, they can help fill empty corners and create a feeling of comfort, and a variety of houseplants will clean the air as well. For those who love fresh herbs for cooking, container herb gardens are a wonderful addition and all they need is a little light and water to thrive. Indoor plants come in all shapes and sizes, may or may not do well in low light, and vary in color and blooms, plants offer a range of ways to use them to decorate a senior living apartment. For a look at some of the options, the article “24 Best Indoor Plants for Any Location,” is a great resource.

4. Make the most of lighting

Well-placed lighting is essential when decorating a senior living apartment because aging eventually begins to impact sight and the ability to see well in lower light. So even apartments with large windows and plenty of natural light can become shadowy and dark when the sun goes down. As a result, decorating a senior living apartment should include special attention to lighting, especially in work areas like reading corners, kitchens and hallways. For example, floor lamps behind easy chairs, dimmer switches that allow for adjustment of light throughout the day and night, motion sensitive lamps and fixtures, and low-glare surfaces are all steps that can be taken to provide enough uniform light for safe and comfortable senior living apartment. Find out more about the importance of lighting on the blog, “How Proper Lighting Will Help Your Aging Eyes Regain Their Youthful Performance?

5. Embrace color

Perhaps the single easiest way to decorate a senior living apartment to express individual tastes is through color. From furnishings to art to paint and more, color plays an integral part in decorating a senior living apartment so that it feels like home. Starting with paint, consider all the ways a little color can create a focal point, warm up a room, set a mood, and create spaces without adding walls. Based on what furniture will be in each room, choose a color palette for painting and then consider complimentary accents like new pillows, rugs and drapes. Next hang art and other objects that bring a room together such as colorful shelves, containers, that also help maximize space. Need a little help to get going? Try the apartment article, “101 Ways to Add Color to Your Home.”

Decorating your senior living apartment is key to enjoying retirement to the utmost and to making a new community like The Lodge at Stephens Lake your home. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a tour!

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