Amenities Count: Comfort and Convenience in Today’s Senior Living Communities

Comfort and Convenience in Today’s Senior Living Communities

Senior living communities have changed so much in the past few decades, many seniors may not even realize how much is included in the package. In addition to beautiful, well-appointed apartments and homes and landscaped and manicured grounds, today’s senior living amenities and services far exceed even the highest expectations.

Amazing cuisine

One of the greatest improvements in senior living amenities is the quality of the meals. Top-notch senior living communities like The Lodge at Stephens Lake provide chef-inspired meals in a formal dining room, residents can enjoy a healthful snack or beverage at the bistro or have meals delivered right to their home (no tip required!). For special occasions and family celebrations, there are also private dining options which rival the best restaurants for service and excellence. Whether choosing independent living, assisted living or memory care, residents, including those with special dietary needs, can expect three delicious and nutritious meals every day.

Wellness prioritized

Staying healthy in retirement takes a dedicated effort and one of the top senior living amenities is a commitment to wellness. This starts with providing a continuum of care — independent and assisted living and memory care — which allows residents to move to the right level of care as needed without having to move again.

Next is an emphasis on staying fit and active. Among the many senior living amenities that make it easier are fitness centers, classes, walking and jogging trails, pools for water aerobics and swimming, and more. Residents can also keep their minds agile by joining book clubs, volunteering, or at The Lodge at Stephens Lake, becoming resident ambassadors.

Looking good is important too, and another senior living amenity is the onsite hair salon and barber shop where residents can get a little pampering and stay looking their best without having to worry about leaving home because it’s all right there, no travel required. In addition, residents also benefit from on-site therapy and concierge physician services as well as free local transportation to appointments as needed. All of these senior living amenities make choosing senior living over staying in your home an easy decision for seniors and their families to make. Learn more in our blog, “Benefits of Living in a Community vs Staying in Your Home.”

Social support

Aging brings about many changes but one of the most devastating is the loss of friends. Leaving work pals behind and losing friends who move or pass away can quickly shrink a senior’s social circle leaving them alone and lonely. According to the National Institute on Aging article, “Social isolation, loneliness in older people pose health risks,” the decline of socialization among seniors can have pretty harsh health repercussions including high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, depression, anxiety, cognitive decline, weakened immunity, Alzheimer’s disease, and death.

Thankfully, one of the best senior living amenities is the bounty of social opportunities from which to choose. First of all, there is the value that comes from living among friends and peers in the same generation, something that is important when forging new friendships and connections. Next there are all the activities like games, classes and workshops that fill each day, as well as the excursions to local fun spots, art museums, festivals, and other seasonal happenings around town and on campus. And to balance the equation, pets are welcome with open arms (and maybe a treat or two)!

Residents can also enjoy the camaraderie of Happy Hour, take in a movie in the theater or just share time with friends as the day winds down. There is always something to do and someone to do it with, so loneliness quickly becomes a thing of the past. Take a deeper look in our blog, “The Lodge at Stephens Lake Provides the Right Level of Structure for Seniors.”

Accessible, maintenance-free living

Unlike living at home, senior living is designed for accessibility and to be maintenance free. Every detail is considered from bathrooms with walk-in showers, heat lamps, and grab bars to the spotless common areas that are well-lit and wide open to the housekeeping and bi-weekly and linen services that free up more time for fun, while keeping your home clean and ready for guests to stop by.

Senior living amenities and services are designed to take the burden off residents and provide them with the time to really enjoy a carefree, purposeful and fulfilling retirement. To learn more about the Lodge at Stephens Lake, contact us and schedule a time to tour our beautiful neighborhood!

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