The 6 Most Common Misperceptions About Senior Living

Senior Female for the article The 6 Most Common Misperceptions About Senior Living Senior living communities have come a very long way since the days of the “old folks’ homes,” but, unfortunately, misperceptions about senior living live on. Before deciding senior living isn’t going to work for you, take a look at what senior living in the 21st century is really like and how the misperceptions about senior living are just not true! 

The 6 most common misperceptions about senior living 

#1: “I will lose my independence.” 

Perhaps the scariest of misperceptions about senior living is the loss of independence. In reality, however, top senior living communities like The Lodge at Stephens Lake support independence at every level of care. According to the article, “Improving the Health, Well-Being, and Independence of Adults as They Age,” maintaining independence is often tied directly to a lifestyle that is healthy — physically, emotionally, and cognitively. Senior living residents benefit from amenities like exercise centers and classes, socially stimulating activities and events, and plenty of fun and challenging options to help keep the mind as healthy as the body. Other factors like onsite hair salons and barbershops and free local transportation enable residents to live life on their terms without becoming a burden on families.  

#2: “I will have to have a roommate.” 

Another of the most common misperceptions about senior living is that residents have to share their apartments, but this is a throwback to the past and is no longer the case. At top senior living communities, residents have their own homes and can choose from different floor plans that are designed to be private as well as comfortable.   For example, at The Lodge at Stephens Lake, we offer really lovely two-bedroom Cottage Homes for our independent living residents that include plenty of space, all appliances, and an attached garage. Our assisted living accommodations include three different size apartment choices with kitchenettes and in memory care we offer two floor plans designed to meet the needs of residents with memory loss. All are private and residents are encouraged to furnish and decorate their homes as they prefer.   

#3: “There is nothing to do there.” 

Also among the common misperceptions about senior living is the belief that it’s a boring place to live. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The best senior living communities go the extra mile to fill each day with options and opportunities for having fun, staying healthy and enjoying a carefree but fulfilling lifestyle. Residents can choose from a daily calendar of events and activities, or they can pursue their hobbies at home, volunteer in the community, travel or spend time with family. For a look at what to expect in senior living check out our blog, “Sneak Peek: See How Senior Living Residents Spend Their Day.” 

Download our informative guide, Just the Facts: Independent Living

#4: “Senior living is only for sick people.” 

Senior living communities are not “nursing homes” where sick people go for care. In fact, many senior living communities do not provide medical care at all, but rather assistance with things like activities of daily living and medication management in assisted living and memory care. By providing basic help with daily tasks senior living staff help residents retain independence and autonomy and enable them to enjoy all that the community has to offer.  

#5: “The food is terrible.” 

It is true that the food in senior living communities used to be pretty unpalatable, but no more. Modern senior living experts know that today’s seniors have high expectations and thus have made changes to fulfill them. Residents of luxury senior living communities like The Lodge at Stephens Lake can expect chef-inspired meals made with the freshest ingredients and on par with fine dining restaurants, disproving any misperceptions about senior living cuisine. For more tips about what’s in store, read our blog, “What to Expect in an Independent Living Community.” 

#6: “Senior living is lonely.” 

For many seniors, another of the misperceptions about senior living is that they will become isolated from family and friends. Even those already living alone at home may believe they have nothing to gain by moving. That is until they understand that senior living communities are hives of activity with plenty of new friends to meet and spend time with. Moreover, many seniors find that by moving to senior living they actually have more quality time for family and friends because all those time-consuming home chores are a thing of the past. Most importantly, by socializing more seniors can stay connected and minimize the health problems described in the article, “Social isolation, loneliness in older people pose health risks.”   The best way to banish misperceptions about senior living and find out how much things have changed is to take a look and see for yourself! Contact us today to schedule your tour! For more information, download our informative guide, Just the Facts: Independent Living.  Just the Facts, Independent Living Guide

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