What to Expect in an Independent Living Community

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If living an active, carefree and fulfilling life in retirement is the goal, consider everything an independent living community has to offer. Once relieved of all the costs and responsibilities of living at home, seniors in independent living often wonder why they didn’t make the move sooner. Here’s a rundown of what to expect in an independent living community.

Truly carefree living

After a long career, raising a family and managing a family home, life in an independent living community will feel like a long vacation free from the responsibilities of homeownership. Often compared to resorts, top independent living communities enable residents to live a fun and carefree life in luxury and spend their time doing what they love; no strings attached.

Also essential is the support for independence that independent living communities offer over the long term. Often called “continuum of care,” residents in many independent living communities can seamlessly move to a higher level of care, such as assisted living or memory care without giving up independence or having to move to a new community. Learn more about how it works in our blog, “The Lodge at Stephens Lake Provides the Right Level of Structure for Seniors.”

Safety and security

One of the most desirable aspects of independent living communities is the sense of security they provide. On one hand, residents know they can travel for days, weeks or months and never have to worry about their home. On the other hand, staying home means community-wide security as well as a home that is designed with a variety of accessibility features that promote independence and make aging in place easier and safer.

For those who choose not to drive or just want choices, free local transportation is also part of the package. As noted in our blog, “The Peace of Mind of Senior Living Safety and Security Features,” residents no longer need to maintain a vehicle and can easily shop, run errands and attend appointments as they desire.

Download our “Senior Living Options” guide to learn more about independent living.

Social stimulation

Living at home is great, at first. But time can take a toll on socialization, especially for those who live alone. But independent living communities are just that — communities — where residents make new friends, forge relationships and enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded seniors, which is not only fun but essential to aging well. According to the psychologytoday.com article, “The Effects of Chronic Loneliness on the Elderly,” loneliness and isolation can contribute to increased risk of dementia, heart disease and stroke as well as higher rates of depression, anxiety and suicide.

Independent living communities, however, work hard to make residents feel welcome and become integrated within the community. With a full schedule of daily activities like exercise and art classes, diverse community spaces to enjoy with friends indoors and outdoors, and planned events like local trips, entertainment and Happy Hours, residents no longer have to feel left out and alone.

Privacy and comfort

One aspect many seniors fear about independent living communities is the loss of privacy. In reality, however, nothing could be further from the truth, especially at The Lodge at Stephens Lake. Unlike many independent living communities that only offer apartments, we offer Cottage Homes that are every bit as private as a home. We appreciate that active seniors view their homes as their castles and we designed our Cottage Homes to be stand-alone units with floor plans that include two bedrooms, spacious living and dining rooms, full kitchens and baths, laundry rooms and an attached garage. Each is warm, inviting and comfortable and residents can decorate as they please and make them their own. Find out more in our blog, “Aging with Grace: How a Strong Social Life Protects Health and Wellness of Seniors.”

Resort-like amenities and services

No discussion of what to expect in independent living communities is complete without a look at amenities and services. In addition to all maintenance and repair, a full calendar of activities, events and excursions, and free transportation, luxury communities like The Lodge at Stephens Lake also provide:

  • Bi-weekly housekeeping services.
  • Bi-weekly bed linen laundry services.
  • All utilities (except phones).
  • Emergency call systems.
  • Beautifully maintained grounds.

Last but by far not least is the cuisine. Our chefs prepare menu choices that aren’t only nutritious but delicious, using the freshest ingredients available. We know how important good, healthy food is to quality of life and we go the extra mile to make every meal a celebration of good taste and good times.

Download our “Senior Living Options” guide to learn more about independent living. Contact us to schedule a tour of our amazing senior living community.

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