The Peace of Mind of Senior Living Safety and Security Features

The Peace of Mind of Senior Living Safety and Security Features

One of the most worrisome aspects of aging-in-place at home is the slow erosion of true safety and security. As time passes and more help is needed to keep a senior safe and secure, families eventually realize that level of assistance is harder to achieve than they thought. In senior living, however, safety and security are priorities all day every day. When deciding where to spend retirement be sure to consider all the ways senior living safety matters.

Total accessibility

It’s easy to overlook accessibility in a family home until it becomes a problem. Seniors who use mobility aids, or even those who just have minor challenges getting around can find it difficult to get through doors and hallways. They may be at risk from uneven floors that make rolling or walking tricky. Stairs and steps can make getting around the home dangerous.

Then there is the typical family home bathroom, one of the most dangerous places for seniors. In the article, “Bathroom Falls and Injuries Among the Elderly – Most Common and How to Prevent Them,” the Ohio Department of Aging found 80% of senior falls are in the bathroom with the most common are falls occurring when getting in or out of a tub or shower, when floors are wet and slippery and when getting on or off the toilet.

Luxury retirement communities are designed with senior living safety features throughout. For example, stairs and steps are eliminated, doors and hallways are wider, floors are smooth and easy to negotiate, and best of all, bathrooms have walk-in showers, raised toilet seats, grab bars, and alert systems for emergencies.

Help always close by

Another way senior living communities shine in the areas of safety and security is the simple fact that residents and their families can rest easy knowing they always have help close by. Unlike living at home where helpers come and go, senior living safety and security is a priority 24/7/365 so caring staff are always available to quickly lend a hand.

Never being completely alone also means having the support of friends and peers who share the fun times as well as trials and tribulations. Since isolation and loneliness are known to hasten cognitive decline and are implicated in depression, anxiety and a host of other health concerns, being part of a community is a form of safety that is truly a blessing. Learn more about the risks of loneliness in the National Institute on Aging article, “Social isolation, loneliness in older people pose health risks.”

Top notch nutrition

Another area of safety that may not seem obvious is that of nutrition. Getting older brings about physical changes that can make the kitchen a dangerous place. Burns, cuts, and forgetting to turn off the stove are just a few risks. Seniors may also find that they can no longer safely drive to get groceries. Not to mention, preparing meals and cleaning up is too much work! As a result, nutrition can suffer and pose a risk to a senior’s health and well-being.

Today, top senior living communities recognize the link between excellent nutrition and safety and provide chef-prepared meals that rival the best restaurants for taste and nutrition. Seniors with special dietary needs are also catered to and many communities welcome families to join residents for celebrations and special times. To learn more about the nutritional needs of seniors, check out the article, “Older Adults.”


For many seniors and their families facing the fact that driving is no longer a safe activity can be divisive and difficult. According to the article, “Older Adult Drivers,” every day in the U.S. 20 older adults are killed and about 540 injured in auto crashes. So, as the fender benders pile up or even worse a full-blown crash occurs, many seniors have to give up the keys and become dependent on family or friends to get where they need to go.

Senior living safety makes that a moot point because luxury senior living communities provide professional local transportation so residents no longer risk independence or feel guilty about asking for help. Whether it’s a doctor’s appointment, shopping or a planned excursion it’s just part of the senior living safety package.

A continuum of care

One final aspect of the senior living safety net is that of continuum of care that allows residents to move seamlessly from independent living to assisted living or memory care as their care needs dictate. This relieves seniors and their families of all the worry that comes with finding a new place to live and lets residents stay in the familiar and comfortable community they call home.

Senior living safety has never been better but at The Lodge at Stephens Lake we continually raise the bar so we are second to none. Find out all that we have to offer and contact us today to schedule a tour.

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