Assisted Living Defined

Assisted Living Defined

Assisted living means different things to different people and may even carry negative connotations for some. For example, the term “assisted living” may imply the loss of independence or privacy to those who remember the “nursing homes” of old. Others may believe assisted living is only for sick people who need medical care or for those who can no longer lead an engaged and active life. In reality, however, assisted living is the perfect blend of help and independence with safety and security built right in. So, what is assisted living? Take a look!

What is assisted living? An independent lifestyle!

Contrary to popular belief, modern assisted living does not take away independence, rather it emphasizes independence so that residents can enjoy a fulfilling life without feeling like they are a burden. Assisted living makes it possible for seniors who need a little help to continue doing what they love while families have the peace of mind that their loved one is well cared for and happy. Whether independence means enjoying the company of friends, going shopping, spending time on a hobby, or spending more quality time with family, it’s all possible in assisted living. What is assisted living? Find out in our blog, “What to look for When Searching for an Assisted Living Community in GA.”

What is assisted living? Caring and compassionate!

With independence in mind, assisted living staff provide hands-on help only as requested but with care, compassion and respect. Whether a resident needs help bathing, taking daily medications or just getting around the community, assisted living staff know each resident is special and deserves their utmost attention. Keep in mind, however, that assisted living is not for those who are very ill or need daily medical care, but for those who need just a little help to remain independent and active. Get the facts in our blog, “More Like ‘Home:’ Today’s Assisted Living Options Are Much Different than Traditional Nursing Homes.”

What is assisted living? Beautiful, private housing choices!

Unlike in the past, today’s luxury senior living communities are not one-size-fits-all. Those hospital-like rooms are no longer the norm as residents can choose from different floor plans to suit their needs and desires. In addition, residents are encouraged to bring their own furnishings and to decorate their private apartments as they like so they feel as comfortable as they did at home. Modern assisted living apartments are bright and include accessibility and safety aids like lever door and faucet handles, grab bars and emergency call systems. Take a look at the possibilities in our blog, “Decorate Your Space: 5 Tips to Make a Senior Living Apartment Feel Like Home.”

What is assisted living? Amazing amenities!

One of the most difficult aspects of living at home is that as mobility decreases, so too does the ability to get out and about, see friends, and enjoy entertainment. In assisted living, however, communities are designed like resorts so that many of the amenities seniors want to enjoy are right onsite. Among these are hair salons and barbershops, exercise classes, theaters, local entertainers, planned games, events and outings, therapy services and much more. Residents also have weekly transportation available to get them to appointments safely. For an in-depth look at what to expect, check out our blog, “Amenities Count: Comfort and Convenience in Today’s Senior Living Communities.”

What is assisted living? Nutritious and delicious!

A healthy active lifestyle can only be achieved when a senior gets all the nutrition they need, every day. Unfortunately, aging can make that difficult. Many seniors don’t realize their nutritional needs change as they get older, and as a result, their diets may not be appropriate. According to the article, “How Your Nutritional Needs Change as You Age,” older adults need fewer calories but more nutrients like protein, vitamins D and B12, and calcium. This means seniors should eat fewer processed foods and more fresh foods like fruits and vegetables to build muscle (which naturally decreases), get enough fiber, and maintain bone health.

In assisted living, chef-prepared meals address the changing needs of seniors but without losing flavor and appeal. Top assisted living communities also offer a variety of dining options from elegant formal dining rooms to bistros to private dining rooms for special celebrations. Seniors with special dietary needs can also rest assured they too will enjoy restaurant-quality meals designed just for them.

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