Is Assisted Living Right for You? 5 Senior Living Questions to Ask Yourself

Is Assisted Living Right for You-5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Is assisted living the right choice for you or a loved one? To make the decision easier, start by asking the following senior living questions to help define what a senior wants and needs to age well, stay independent and make the most of every day.

5 assisted living questions to ask yourself to make the right choice

1: Is health a concern?

Perhaps the most important of all senior living questions pertains to health. Health challenges are frequently at the root of many other problems for seniors living at home and are often the first reason many consider assisted living. Whether it’s a short-term illness or injury or a long-term disease or condition, failing health may require a level of in-home care that can be overwhelming.

In assisted living each resident’s health is assessed and a care plan is created so they get exactly the kind of help they need, exactly when they need it. No worries about bothering family because caring staff are always on hand to assist. As care needs change, care plans are adjusted to enable each resident to live life to its fullest — guilt free. For a look into modern assisted living, read our blog, “More Like ‘Home:’ Today’s Assisted Living Options Are Much Different than Traditional Nursing Homes.”

2: Is there enough at-home help readily available?

Managing self-care as well as home maintenance can become difficult for seniors. While lawns and seasonal chores are often the first to go to helpers, eventually even tasks like cleaning, doing laundry and preparing meals can become a burden, and when left undone, may even result in a senior getting hurt, being malnourished or living in an unclean home. So another of the essential senior living questions is how much help is really needed to keep a senior and their home in top shape?

Thankfully a move to assisted living takes care of everything all at once! Leaving all the responsibilities of home ownership behind is a huge weight removed, but in top assisted living communities like The Lodge at Stephens Lake there’s much more. Residents also benefit from weekly housekeeping so their apartments are always fresh and clean, weekly laundry services for clothes and linens, medication administration, hands-on help with dressing and personal hygiene, and best of all, three amazing chef-prepared meals every day, each designed to provide the nutrition seniors need including those on special diets. When it’s time to choose the right assisted living community, check out our blog, “What to look for When Searching for an Assisted Living Community in GA.”

3: Is isolation becoming a problem?

Another of the key senior living questions concerns isolation but may not seem important because many seniors don’t realize how deadly isolation can be. As friends move or pass away and getting out becomes harder, seniors living at home can become isolated. Sadly, isolation and loneliness among American seniors is approaching epidemic stages and according to the article, “Loneliness and Social Isolation Linked to Serious Health Conditions,” the health repercussions can include hypertension, heart disease, obesity, a weakened immune system, depression and anxiety, cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s disease, and even death.

Assisted living communities emphasize socialization and provide many ways for residents to make new friends and enjoy a variety of fun activities and events every day. Residents always have the option of spending time alone in their private apartments, but with so much to do it can make feeling lonely a thing of the past.

4: Are safety and security at risk?

For families, the most important of all senior living questions concerns the safety and security of their loved one. Most homes are not designed to be accessible and just going out to get the mail can have deadly results. Then there are slips and falls in the bathroom, accidents in the kitchen, and of course stairs and steps are always a problem.

Assisted living communities, however, are designed to meet the needs of seniors and include accessibility aids like walk-in showers, raised toilets and lever handles on doors and faucets. In addition, emergency call systems and 24/7 year-round security make it a perfect package. Learn more in our blog, “The Peace of Mind of Senior Living Safety and Security Features.”

5: Is transportation a problem?

Seniors who no longer are (or should be driving) should ask another of the senior living questions: How much of a problem is transportation? For many, it’s a big problem. In assisted living, however, transportation is part of the package so getting around safely is no longer a worry and opens the door to more independent and carefree living.

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