What Is Independent Living?

Group of four elder women in independent living.

Today’s senior living communities offer a range of options that simply weren’t available in the past. One of these is active independent living, which offers an elevated lifestyle, much like a resort, where seniors who need no daily care can enjoy a range of amenities and services. When asking “What is independent living?” take a look at what to expect from the best.

What is independent living?

Modern and comfy!

At The Lodge at Stephens Lake we understand giving up a family home is a big decision so we offer cottages, which are scaled-down versions of private homes. Far more than an apartment, each of our independent living cottages encompasses 1,223 square feet with floor plans that include two comfortable bedrooms, full modern kitchens, safe and accessible bathrooms, laundry rooms, bright and spacious living rooms, and attached garages. Each is designed to support an independent lifestyle in our active and secure community.

Maintenance free!

Retirement means leaving a career and all associated work behind, but when living at home, seniors still have plenty of home repairs and maintenance to contend with. When asking “What is independent living?” consider that all home maintenance and repair is included. From outdoor chores like mowing the lawn to repairing or replacing appliances to general upkeep, top independent living communities like The Lodge at Stephens Lake take it all in stride and provide professional and timely service. Learn more about the benefits of independent living in our blog, “Is Independent Living A Good Way To Spend Retirement?

Safety and security!

Aging in place at home provides a familiar and comfortable environment, but not necessarily a safe and secure one. In addition to risks associated with home chores like cleaning gutters, seniors should also worry about threats from outside. This is especially true for those who want to travel in retirement and may leave their homes for extended periods.

As noted in our blog, “The Peace of Mind of Senior Living Safety and Security Features,” independent living communities like the Lodge at Stephens Lake go the extra mile to make safety and security seamless so every resident can come and go as they please or stay home and enjoy the community with the knowledge that we have their back.

Download our “Senior Living Options” guide to learn more about independent living.


Few things are more important to aging well than staying healthy in body and mind and that’s where independent living communities have raised the bar. At The Lodge at Stephens Lake we are committed to wellness and make it a part of everyday life. Our residents enjoy a variety of exercise classes, beautiful manicured grounds with walking paths, and diverse events, activities, and excursions to local places of interest that are all designed to encourage and support an active and healthy lifestyle.

Also essential to aging well is socialization. According to the health.harvard.edu article, “Broader social interaction keeps older adults more active,” one study showed socialization not only helps forge friendships but may also help seniors be more physically active, experience better moods, and maintain a more positive outlook. Learn more reasons to embrace socialization in our blog, “Aging with Grace: How a Strong Social Life Protects Health and Wellness of Seniors.”

Fulfilling and purposeful!

If retirement feels like a blank slate just waiting to be filled in, independent living is the place to be. Once all the responsibilities of home ownership disappear, there’s plenty of time to pursue all those bucket list goals and really start living a fulfilling and purposeful life. According to the psychologytoday.com article, “10 Powerful Benefits of Living With Purpose,” research shows the rewards of purposeful living include improved mental and physical health, lower risk of cognitive decline including Alzheimer’s disease, better sleep, and even lower mortality.

Whether pursuing new knowledge through life-long learning, volunteering to help others, traveling or strengthening ties with friends and family, finding a purpose is key to aging well. For a look at more ways to live a purposeful life in the kiplinger.com article, “Beyond 65: Redefining Retirement and Embracing a Purposeful Second Act,” is an excellent resource.

Download our “Senior Living Options” guide to learn more about independent living. Contact us to schedule a tour of our amazing senior living community.

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