5 Things to Look for When Touring an Independent Living Community

A group of elder men and woman enjoy dining while touring and independent living community.

You’ve made the decision to move to an independent living community, but now comes the hard part: choosing the right community. One of the most important steps in the process is touring independent living communities, seeing what they’re like inside and outside and asking the right questions. Before you start touring independent living communities, take a look at these expert tips.

5 things to look for when touring an independent living community

1. A beautiful modern community

Let’s face it: you aren’t leaving your home for one that is less than the best. With that in mind, when touring independent living communities be sure to look for signs that luxury is a priority.

Outdoors, are the grounds well-manicured and the buildings well-maintained?

Moving indoors, look for spacious and spotless community areas, nice furnishings and ask the tour guide what each room has to offer.

Also observe what residents and staff are doing as you tour. Good signs to watch for include smiling faces, engaged staff and a welcoming feeling. For a close-up look at The Lodge at Stephens Lake take a moment to view our video tour.

2. Housing choices

All independent living communities are not created equal, especially when it comes to housing choices. Many offer only apartments which may not be what you have in mind for your independent retirement lifestyle. So, when touring independent living communities one of the most important questions to ask is what types of homes are available?

At The Lodge at Stephens Lake, we offer modern Cottage Homes that are private and offer all the benefits of living at home without all the responsibilities. Each Cottage is almost 1,225 square feet with two bedrooms, two baths, an open kitchen and living room floor plan, a spacious laundry room, an attached garage, and ample storage throughout. Also included is all maintenance and repairs — indoors and outdoors — so you can relax and enjoy the carefree lifestyle you have earned.

Download our “Senior Living Options” guide.

3. Around-the-clock safety and security

One aspect of living at home that is hard to achieve and can be costly is a safe and secure environment. Even the most active and healthy seniors are not immune to accidents and crime, so when touring independent living communities be sure to ask about what safety and security measures are in place to protect you. Three essential questions are:

  • Is quick help available if I have an accident?
  • Do homes offer accessibility features for safety?
  • Will someone know in adequate time if I am not ok?

At The Lodge at Stephens Lake, our residents never have to worry about safety and security because it is always there, working behind the scenes to protect them and their homes. In addition, every Cottage Home is equipped with a variety of accessibility features including walk-in showers, lever handles on doors and faucets, emergency call systems, a daily check-in system, smoke alarms and more. For an in-depth look at how we provide safe and secure independent living, our blog, “The Peace of Mind of Senior Living Safety and Security Features,” spells it out.

4. Services and amenities

Touring independent living communities helps to compare apples to apples so be sure to ask about what services and amenities are included. Since the goal is an independent and carefree lifestyle, the more services and amenities the better. For example, when touring independent living communities ask if utilities are included, as well as housekeeping and linen services. Another important consideration is whether free local transportation is available if needed.

At The Lodge at Stephens Lake, all of the above are included as well as all home maintenance and repair, and a full calendar of fun and engaging events, activities and excursions to interesting and entertaining local venues. No need to worry any longer about maintaining a home or getting bored, it’s all included in the package. Find out how we compare in our blog, “Amenities Count: Comfort and Convenience in Today’s Senior Living Communities.”

5. Quality of cuisine

One of the best parts of touring independent living communities is the opportunity to sample the cuisine. Top communities like The Lodge at Stephens Lake have taken cuisine to a whole new level, one that is on par with the best restaurants. Our chef-inspired meals are not just appealing and tasty but crafted to meet the specific nutritional needs of older adults, including those on special diets.

When touring independent living communities be sure to ask if you can share a meal and what different meal plans include so you can make the choice that best fits your lifestyle.

The Lodge at Stephens Lake offers an amazing array of services and amenities designed to make life carefree and fun. Download our “Senior Living Options” guide to learn more about independent living. Contact us to schedule a tour of our amazing senior living community.

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