Independent Living Cost vs. Value

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Independent living communities offer a range of services and amenities that may seem costly when compared to living at home. But independent living’s value goes deeper than cost and easily tips the scale when deciding where to live in retirement. When considering whether independent living is a good fit, be sure to consider the hidden benefits of independent living’s value.

Active independence

Living at home is often the first preference for seniors until they realize how much their home ties them down. Tending to chores and maintenance and repair can absorb a lot of time and money that could be spent pursuing other more fulfilling interests. But independent living clears the slate when it comes to all that mandatory upkeep.

Top independent living communities like The Lodge at Stephen’s Lake pride themselves on offering a resort-like environment where residents are catered to and can fully embrace an active and independent lifestyle on their own terms. Whether that means traveling without worrying about home security, revisiting old hobbies with new vigor, getting more exercise or just enjoying quality time with friends and family, independent living value is hard to beat. Find out more in our blog, “Maintaining your Independence After Retirement: Benefits of Independent Living for Active Seniors.”

Social engagement

The importance of socialization is often underestimated but research has shown that staying socially engaged is a key ingredient in the recipe for a long, healthy and happy life. According to the article, “Socialization in seniors: why it’s important,” studies have found that spending time with others improves feelings of satisfaction and well-being and lowers the risk of premature death.

While socialization often wanes when living at home, at independent living it’s a given because independent living communities go the extra mile to make socialization effortless with a broad range of activities, events and excursions, all included in the monthly fee. New residents can quickly make friends, join social circles and enjoy all the benefits described in the article, “Broader social interaction keeps older adults more active.”

Download our “Senior Living Options” guide.

Excellent cuisine

One of the most welcome changes in senior living over the past several decades is the improvement in cuisine. Luxury independent living communities like The Lodge at Stephen’s Lake know seniors aren’t going to settle for anything less than the best and provide chef-inspired meals on par with top restaurants. Our residents enjoy enticing menu choices served at their table in our elegant dining room where every meal is an event to be savored.

More important, however, is the emphasis on nutrition. At independent living it’s just part of the package, nutrition is always top-of-mind so that residents receive wonderful meals tailored to their changing nutritional needs, including those on special diets. For an in-depth look at the importance of nutrition for seniors, check out the article, “Nutrition for Older Adults: Why Eating Well Matters as You Age.”

Safety and security

Safety and security aren’t usually top-of-mind in early retirement at home, but eventually they can pose challenges and require costly renovations and retrofits. But they are also two top independent living values that are built in from the ground up. As noted in our blog, “The Peace of Mind of Senior Living Safety and Security Features,” accessibility throughout the community means no stairs or steps to climb, bathrooms with safety features like walk-in showers and grab bars, and wide halls and doorways are all included in independent living’s value. Residents who choose to be away from home also can depend on community-wide security in their absence.

A continuum of care

One of the greatest independent living values is that of a continuum of care. What that means is that seniors who live in an “age-in-place” community like The Lodge at Stephen’s Lake are at the top of the list if they need to move to a higher level of care.

For example, an independent living resident may enjoy years of great health but eventually need the daily help provided in assisted living such as help bathing or managing medications, or the greater security and structure of memory care. Rather than having to find another community with the right services and comforts, they can immediately move to assisted living or memory care without leaving their community of friends behind. Find out how it works in our blog, “The Lodge at Stephens Lake Provides the Right Level of Structure for Seniors.”

Download our “Senior Living Options” guide to learn more about independent living. Contact us to schedule a tour of our amazing senior living community.

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