The Senior Living Search: Key Questions for Making an Informed Choice 

A loved one doing research on a laptop The Senior Living Search Key Questions for Making an Informed Choice

Finding the right fit in a senior living community can be a daunting task for seniors and their families but one simple way to make it easier is to ask yourself the right questions first. By defining your personal wants and needs, it’s easy to create a plan for comparing communities on a level playing field, making the senior living search for the perfect new home a cinch!

Key questions to ask in your senior living search

1) What level of care do I need?

The senior living search should begin with an honest appraisal of how much care you need. If you’re an active, healthy senior, the independent living option in a senior living community is the best choice.

If you need help with daily activities like dressing, personal hygiene or medication management you should consider assisted living which provides exactly the level of care needed to keep you healthy and independent.

For seniors living with memory loss, however, memory care should be considered because residents receive not only assistance with daily activities but also therapeutic programs that help maximize independence and wellness in a structured and secure environment.

For a closer look at what to expect, read our blog, “Senior Living in Jasper, GA: What Are My Options?

2) What type of housing is best for me?

With the level of care needed in mind, the next step in the senior living search is to consider what type of housing style you prefer. Independent living may include stand-alone choices like the Cottages at The Lodge at Stephens Lake that offer a fully-equipped and modern home with a patio and garage.

Assisted living apartments are closer to community amenities and staff and come in different sizes and configurations, like the assisted living suites at The Lodge at Stephens Lake.

Similarly, memory care apartments are designed to help your loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease feel comfortable and safe with help always nearby. Memory care suites at The Lodge at Stephens Lake come in several floor plans.

3) What lifestyle do I prefer?

There is no “normal” when it comes to senior living lifestyle preferences, so when conducting your senior living search be honest with yourself and define what lifestyle feels best to you. Some seniors may prefer an active lifestyle that includes travel and daily activities like volunteering, playing games and participating in planned events, while others may desire a lifestyle that is more private so they can pursue their own interests at home. In the middle are those who look forward to socializing often and occasionally staying home to relax, read or entertain friends. Thus, the senior living search should put an emphasis on privacy but with a variety of planned amenities, activities and events provided and the freedom to choose. Take a look at what senior living has to offer in our blog, “Benefits of Living In A Community vs Staying In Your Home.”

4) Where do I want to live?

Dreaming of retirement usually includes an idea of where you want to live, based on the weather, geography and other factors. When starting your senior living search make sure to include year-round climate, as well as proximity to family and/or friends, medical care availability, and shopping, entertainment, and natural areas like parks that offer options and opportunities.

For example, if a warmer climate with mountains, breathtaking views and a small-town feel sounds just right, The Lodge at Stephens Lake offers all that and more! Conveniently located in Jasper, Georgia near Highway 515 South, there are plenty of great eateries and restaurants close by as well as excellent shopping, arts and cultural options, and outstanding parks for enjoying nature at its best. For a deeper dive into all that we have to offer our blog, “We’ve Been Working Hard To Get Ready for You!” is a great resource.

5) How important is a continuum of care?

Many seniors plan to stay at home until the time comes when they need more care. That sounds like the perfect solution until that time comes (often suddenly) and the options are limited because the best communities have waiting lists. As the senior living search moves forward, keep in mind that sooner is better because top senior living communities like The Lodge at Stephens Lake that offer a continuum of care with independent living, assisted living and memory care give current residents priority status if they need to move to a higher level of care. This allows them to get the care they need quickly and remain in the community they have come to love. Take a look at other essentials in our blog, “Key Considerations When Selecting a Place for Your Senior to Call Home.”

There are lots of questions when it comes to the senior living search but answering the big ones can help smooth the way. To learn more about The Lodge at Stephens Lake, contact us and schedule a tour of our beautiful neighborhood!

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